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Board Meetings for Private Limited Companies under Companies Act, 2013


A Board Meeting is a formal gathering of all the directors of the company to discuss various matters. Board meetings are meetings at the highest level where board members or their representatives are present. The board of directors act as agents through which the company takes actions as well as makes decisions.

Every company shall hold its first board meeting within 30 days from the date of incorporation. After the first board meeting, every company shall hold minimum 4 board meetings in a calendar year. In holding board meetings during the year, there shall not be more than 120 days gap between two consecutive board meetings.

In case of one person company, dormant company, small company, section 8 company and private company at least one board meeting has been held in each half of a calendar year and the gap between two meetings shall not be less than 90 days.

Every board meeting shall be held by giving at least 7 days notice in writing to every director at his address registered with the company. The quorum for meeting of Board of Directors of a company shall be one third of the total strength or two directors, whichever is higher.

Important Provisions relating to Board Meetings for Private Limited Company

First Board MeetingTo be held within the first 30 days, since the incorporation date
Minimum number of Board MeetingsA minimum of 4 board meetings must be held in a span of one year. 
In case of OPC, Small Company or Dormant Company 1 board meeting in each half of the Calendar year must be held.
Gap between two Board MeetingsThere cannot be a gap of more than 120 days between two meetings.
In case of OPC, Small Company or Dormant Company the gap between two meetings shall not be less than 90 days.
NoticeRequired to give notice at least 7 days before the actual day of the meeting.
Quorum for the Board Meeting The minimum number of members of the board required for a meeting is 1/3rd of a total number of directors.
At any rate, a minimum of two directors must be present. However, in the case of One Person Company, this rule do not apply.

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