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Goods Classified Under Trademark Class 24: Textiles and Textile Goods

Trademark is a sign, symbol or mark used to differentiate between the goods sold by two or more manufacturers. A trademark protects your company’s identifying marks so that no other company can use them. The manufacture of goods and services are grouped into different classes. Each class requires a different registration.

Trademark is segregated in 45 different classes according to the NICE classification which is also known as International Certification of Goods and Services. Among those 45 classes, 34 classes come under Goods section and 11 classes come under Services section. Each class shows a specific category of Goods and Services.

Trademark class 24 in India includes textiles and substitutes for textiles. It mainly textiles (piece goods) and textile covers for household use. The curtains of textile or even those which are made up of plastic material are comprised in trademark class 24.

Types of goods come under Trademark Class 24:

  • Bedding linen of paper

Types of goods that do not come under Trademark Class 24:

  • Certain special textiles
  • Electrically heated blankets, for medical purposes
  • Table linen of paper
  • Horse blankets

List of Good under Trademark Class 24:

  • adhesive fabric for application by heat
  • banners
  • bath linen, except clothing
  • bath mitts
  • bed covers / bedspreads / coverlets [bedspreads] / quilts
  • bed covers of paper
  • bed linen
  • bed clothes
  • bed blankets
  • billiard cloth
  • bolting cloth
  • brocades
  • buckram
  • bunting
  • calico
  • canvas for tapestry or embroidery
  • cheese cloth
  • chenille fabric
  • cheviots [cloth]
  • cloth
  • cloths for removing make-up
  • coasters [table “” not found /]
  • cotton fabrics
  • covers [loose] for furniture / loose covers for furniture
  • covers for cushions
  • crepe [fabric]
  • crepon
  • curtain holders of textile material
  • curtains of textile or plastic
  • damask
  • diaper changing cloths for babies
  • diapered linen
  • door curtains
  • drugget
  • eiderdowns [down coverlets]
  • elastic woven material
  • esparto fabric
  • fabric, impervious to gases, for aeronautical balloons
  • fabric of imitation animal skins
  • fabric
  • fabric for footwear
  • fabrics for textile use
  • face towels of textile
  • felt
  • fibreglass fabrics for textile use / fiberglass fabrics, for textile use
  • filtering materials of textile
  • flags, not of paper
  • flannel [fabric]
  • frieze [cloth]
  • furniture coverings of plastic / coverings of plastic for furniture
  • furniture coverings of textile
  • fustian / dimity
  • gauze [cloth]
  • glass cloths [towels]
  • gummed cloth, other than for stationery
  • haircloth [sackcloth]
  • handkerchiefs of textile
  • hat linings, of textile, in the piece
  • hemp fabric
  • hemp cloth
  • household linen
  • jersey [fabric]
  • jute fabric
  • knitted fabric
  • labels of cloth
  • linen cloth
  • lingerie fabric
  • lining fabric for shoes
  • linings [textile]
  • marabouts [cloth]
  • mattress covers
  • moleskin [fabric]
  • mosquito nets
  • net curtains
  • non-woven textile fabrics
  • oilcloth for use as tablecloths
  • pillow shams
  • pillowcases
  • place mats, not of paper
  • plastic material [substitute for fabrics]
  • printed calico cloth
  • printers’ blankets of textile
  • ramie fabric
  • rayon fabric
  • sanitary flannel
  • sheets [textile]
  • shower curtains of textile or plastic
  • shrouds
  • silk fabrics for printing patterns
  • silk [cloth]
  • sleeping bag liners
  • table runners
  • table linen, not of paper
  • table napkins of textile / serviettes of textile
  • tablecloths, not of paper
  • tablemats, not of paper
  • taffeta [cloth]
  • textile material
  • tick [linen]
  • ticks [mattress covers]
  • fitted toilet lid covers of fabric
  • towels of textile
  • traced cloths for embroidery / traced cloth for embroidery
  • travelling rugs [lap robes]
  • trellis [cloth]
  • tulle
  • upholstery fabrics
  • velvet
  • wall hangings of textile / tapestry [wall hangings], of textile
  • woollen cloth / woollen fabric
  • zephyr [cloth]

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