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Goods Classified Under Trademark Class 26: Lace and Embroidery

Trademark is a sign, symbol or mark used to differentiate between the goods sold by two or more manufacturers. A trademark protects your company’s identifying marks so that no other company can use them. The manufacture of goods and services are grouped into different classes. Each class requires a different registration.

Trademark is segregated in 45 different classes according to the NICE classification which is also known as International Certification of Goods and Services. Among those 45 classes, 34 classes come under Goods section and 11 classes come under Services section. Each class shows a specific category of Goods and Services.

Trademark Class 26 primarily includes textile and sewing goods, as well as other artificial accessories and decorative pieces. It pertains to all kinds of lace and embroidery, ribbons along with braids, buttons, hooks and eyes, needles and pins and also artificial flowers.

Types of goods come under Trademark Class 26:

  • bedding linen of paper

Types of goods that do not come under Trademark Class 26:

  • Certain special textiles
  • Electrically heated blankets, for medical purposes
  • Table linen of paper
  • Horse blankets

List of Good under Trademark Class 26:

  • appliqués [haberdashery]
  • artificial flowers
  • artificial fruit
  • artificial garlands
  • artificial plants
  • badges for wear not of precious metal
  • beads other than for making jewelry / beads other than for making jewellery
  • belt clasps
  • binding needles
  • birds’ feathers [clothing accessories]
  • blouse fasteners / dress body fasteners
  • bobbins for retaining embroidery floss or wool [not parts of machines]
  • bodkins
  • bows for the hair
  • boxes for needles
  • braids
  • brassards / arm bands [clothing accessories]
  • brooches [clothing accessories]
  • buckles [clothing accessories]
  • buttons
  • chenille [passementerie]
  • collar supports
  • competitors’ numbers
  • cords for clothing
  • cords for rimming for clothing
  • corset busks / whalebones for corsets
  • darning needles
  • darning lasts
  • decorative articles for the hair
  • edgings for clothing
  • elastic ribbons
  • embroidering crochet hooks
  • embroidery / fancy goods [embroidery]
  • expanding bands for holding sleeves
  • eyelets for clothing
  • false beards
  • false hair
  • false hems
  • false moustaches
  • fastenings for clothing
  • fastenings for suspenders / fastenings for braces
  • feathers [clothing accessories]
  • festoons [embroidery]
  • frills [lacework]
  • frills for clothing
  • fringes
  • gold embroidery
  • haberdashery except thread
  • hair bands
  • hair grips / bobby pins
  • hair curling pins
  • hair barrettes / hair slides
  • hair pins
  • hair nets
  • hair colouring caps / hair coloring caps
  • hair curling papers
  • hair extensions
  • hair curlers other than hand implements
  • hat ornaments not of precious metal
  • heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles
  • heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles [haberdashery]
  • hook and pile fastening tapes
  • hooks [haberdashery]
  • hooks for corsets
  • human hair
  • knitting needles
  • lace for edgings
  • lace trimmings / passementerie
  • letters for marking linen
  • mica spangles
  • monogram tabs for marking linen / numerals or letters for marking linen
  • needle cushions
  • needle cases
  • needles
  • needles for wool combing machines
  • numerals for marking linen
  • ornamental novelty badges [buttons]
  • ostrich feathers [clothing accessories]
  • picot [lace]
  • pin cushions
  • pins other than jewellery [jewelry (Am.)]
  • plaited hair / tresses of hair
  • prize ribbons
  • reins for guiding children
  • ribbons [haberdashery]
  • rosettes [haberdashery]
  • rug hooks
  • saddlers’ needles
  • sewing needles
  • sewing boxes
  • sewing thimbles
  • shoe fasteners
  • shoe hooks
  • shoe laces
  • shoe ornaments not of precious metal
  • shoe eyelets
  • shoe buckles
  • shoemakers’ needles
  • shoulder pads for clothing
  • shuttles for making fishing nets
  • silver embroidery
  • skirt flounces
  • snap fasteners
  • spangles for clothing
  • tapes for curtain headings
  • tassels [haberdashery]
  • tinsels [trimmings for clothing] / orsedew [trimmings for clothing]
  • top-knots [pompoms]
  • toupees
  • trimmings for clothing
  • trouser clips for cyclists
  • wigs
  • woollen laces
  • wreaths of artificial flowers
  • zip fasteners / slide fasteners [zippers] / zippers
  • zippers for bags / zip fasteners for bags 

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