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Understanding the term DIN(Director Identification Number)

What is DIN?

Director Identification Number or DIN is a unique 8- digit number. It is allotted by the Central Government to any person who is a proposed or an existing Director of a company. The Directors must file a DIN application within the specified time period with the MCA. 

DIN is valid till lifetime once issued to any person. It is 8 Digit Unique Identification Number of Director used for multiple tracking. DIN once issued is non-perishable, that is, it does not require any renewal or resubmission.  It helps  Fixing the Identity of the Director. 

Where is DIN used?

Whenever a return, an application or any information related to a company will be submitted under any law, the director signing such return, application or information will mention his DIN underneath his signature.

What is the Validity of DIN?

Once the DIN number is given to a Director, it does not require any reactivation or renewal and has lifetime validity. However, the MCA may deactivate or disqualify the Director if the Director or the company is in violation of any of the laws or, its guidelines or notifications.

Reasons for the allotment of DIN?

There are several reasons for the allotment of DIN:-

i) It is helps to create a database of all directors which is also reliable

ii) To confirm the existence of the directors in the companies

iii) To avoid financial scams from fake companies wherein the director makes away with the money in most of the cases

What are the Documents needed to be attached for obtaining DIN?

Given below are the documents which are required to be scanned and attached to the form. These documents are:-

i) High resolution photograph of the applicant

ii) Proof of identity

iii) Proof of residence

iv) Proof of Date of birth

v) Affidavit in the case of single name as per the guidelines

vi) Copy of passport in the case of foreign nationals

What are the Forms for DIN Application?

The forms available online for this purpose is as follows:-

i) SPICe form: This form in case the individual is the first director of a fresh company 

ii) DIR-3 Form: This form in case the individual is becoming the director of an already established company 

iii) DIR-6 Form: The form is useful when the individual has to make changes in the existing DIN information

Procedure to obtain DIN:

The general process of obtaining DIN is as follows:-

STEP 1: Download the form

STEP 2: Create an account and log in

STEP 3: Submit the form with the documents mentioned earlier in the article

STEP 4: After filling the form the applicant is supposed to upload the form and pay the prescribed fees online

STEP 5: Finally, collect the acknowledgment as a sign for the payment and application submission

Grounds for Surrendering or cancelling of DIN?

DIN may be cancelled due to the following reasons:-

i) If a duplicate DIN has been issued to the director

ii) DIN was obtained by fraudulent means

iii) On the death of the concerned person

iv) The person has been declared unsound mind by the court

v) The person has been adjudicated as insolvent

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